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On Wednesday, June 2 of this year, the virtual Investiture Program of the Professional School of Communication Sciences of the Universidad Peruana Unión took place, with the participation of the students of the IX semester of studies.

The event was attended by the administrative staff of the Faculty of Human Sciences and Education: Dr. Ethel Altéz, Dean; and Pr. Javier Sáenz, Chaplain. Also present were the academic staff of the School of Communication Sciences, including Nick Brañez, Director, and José Calsín, Professor of pre-professional practices, as well as the distinguished presence of the students’ parents.

The objective of the investiture was to formalize the work commitment of the students for the performance of their duties in the various pre-professional internship centers, to develop their skills by applying their principles and values.

There were 28 students in the ceremony who will perform their pre-professional internships in various organizations in Peru and abroad in a face-to-face, remote and semi-presential manner, such as: ADRA Peru, Clínica Adventista Ana Stahl, PERUNOR S.A.C., Piura TV, Associação Planalto Central (Adra), Brazil, among others.



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