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As part of the «Peru, I pray for you» campaign, and thanks to the solidarity of the people, on Thursday, April 29, 4,000 loaves of Union bread were donated to 57 soup kitchens in Metropolitan Lima.

With the slogan «Share, your brother needs you», a group of students and administrative staff from the Universidad Peruana Unión and Unión joined together to carry out this action of solidarity and visited the soup kitchens in the presence of representatives of the Lima Foundation.

«We are with you and through this I can make many families feel that we are together. Because Peru, today, needs our prayers,» said Dr. Gluder Quispe, Rector of the UPeU at the delivery ceremony for the donations.

Also, the Accountant Martin Saldaña, general manager of Union, emphasized «We want to share with you, we want to serve, and added to prayer is even better.”

Dr. Amilcar Vargar, deputy manager of the Municipality of Lima, said «We are grateful because your support represents a lot for us, even more so in times of pandemic. All support is welcome for the benefit of the most vulnerable population».


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