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Peru needs 270,000 liters of blood per year to guarantee the normal supply of this resource in hospitals nationwide.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the ideal is that 2% of the population donates blood voluntarily and in solidarity, since about 48 thousand people in the country die every year due to lack of blood.

In this context, the Universidad Peruana Unión (UPeU) held a blood donation day at its three campuses as part of the «Peru, I pray for you» campaign.

In Lima, this act of solidarity was carried out together with the National Institute of Neoplastic Diseases (INEN), in Juliaca with the American Clinic and the Monge Medrano Hospital and in Tarapoto with the Tarapoto II-2 Hospital.

Among the volunteers were students, graduates, teachers and staff of this university who, with hearts of solidarity and motivated by their missionary spirit, came to donate blood, which will be donated to the Blood Bank.

As a result of this national campaign, 253 units of blood were collected from the three campuses of the UPeU.

Dr. Gluder Quispe, Rector of this university, expressed his words of gratitude to the volunteers who came «with a heart ready to give so that other people can have life».

Likewise, the donors showed their gratitude for the opportunity to serve others and save those in need.

Each donor was a hero because they demonstrated an act of love to oncology patients, patients who require blood components such as platelets, globular packets or those who suffer from acute anemias.


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